Tigerulze: Texts & Discourse

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What is truth & where is it located? In the relationships between thought, words, text and discourse? Here, a range of options to explore.

Words and Texts

A selection of some of my own writing. Click at the base of each box for a pdf to open in a new window.

Where We Stand

Do we know or care where we stand, or only when we feel unsteady? Is it ever important, or just a trope?

Reflective writing, where the text intervweaves with the images, can draw us into a world view that ignores logic but seeks further truth.

The images speak as clearly as the words and lift the text to a different level of discourse.

. . .  Text & images in concert

Watching A Stranger Die

Written more than a quarter century ago about a scene from the generation before I was born. I think I witnessed things like this, but memory can be so unreliable . . .

The front of the Newsagency is lined with posters. The Mirror announces Darby Munro in Court, the Telegraph shouts Man Found Battered to Death, the Women's Weekly promises 3,000 Pounds in Prizes!

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A Wintry Xmas

The bridge across the Maas, an immense river, soars through the grey sky with dark clouds scudding above and rain like hailstones whipping in under the hood of my coat. Big cargo barges and ocean liners ply the slate water. The Dutch, completely at home in this weather, walk and ride their bikes across the bridge, while I stagger trying to take just one memorable photo.

. . .  Reflections from Leiden on the other side of the world

Before the Flood

This was before the modern game, and most of those rules don't apply any more

. . .  a boy's confused memory

Living in Leiden

In the green heart of Holland:

The city that made William the Silent

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First issue of the journal: When you know the answers but forget most of the questions!

. . .  a periodical for our confused times

The role of discourse

The world exists without us. Birds sing, tides flow in and out, trees crash in the forests as they did long before we came here, and all such things will continue long after we leave. This world doesn't care about our fears or hopes, and actually gets along nicely without our words. For language is a human invention, a social construction to help us belong with other people. But then, with language, we also seek sense from the world. We create meaning . . .

The World and Discourse

Paradoxically we then use our language to reconstruct the world itself, to make it up anew the way we want it to be, as we say what we see and sense around us. We describe, record, compare, analyse, poeticise, theorise and hypothesize.


The Picture Book

. . . is not just for children. Pictures - images, maybe photos but not necessarily - speak to us as powerfully as words. Or even more so. Because when we hear words we see images (see what I mean) but it's always true the other way around.


The Default Country

We have forgotten that we were colonists first of all and now Australians don't know even the language we use. Jay Arthur's work reminds us that possibilities arise when there is not a perfect fit between language and environment.

JD's world view

Travel journals from across the continent and the planet.


The Best Yet

Humans are natural born learners. An earlier professional essay.

From  The City of Words  by Alberto Manguel:

. . . with the passing of the years my ignorance in countless areas . . . has become increasingly perfected