Tigerulze in Prague

Plaque at Hlavni Nazradi - the main station Arriving at Prague Station Wow! look at all the shops . . . Can I photograph myself? We explored the little streets In the old town - - we explored the little squares Flowers everywhere Political graffiti? Tex at a little courtyard cafe Somewhere in Prague - we found a wine merchant The Castle across the river Panorama from Hradcany In the streets below the castle
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When we arrived in Prague by train I was struck by how old and small scale the city was. Not high wide and handsome like Berlin. The original historic station was half replaced by a shiny new one that could have passed for a major suburban hub in Australia, and the streets outside the Hlavni Nadrazi were almost shabby. But once we settled in and walked around a bit we found that all the tourist tales are true - this is a fairy tale like place that deserves a much longer stay than we could afford. A few of our 300 photos are shown here, and in the next gallery.

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