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  Name Date Modified Date Created Size Kind
My Project Click Now! Today 200 GB Volume
Hackintosh Media 2.92 GB Media
OSx86 Websites Browse November 2010 WAN
Asus 1201N Click Now! November 2010 524 MB Folder
MacBook Air Yesterday 12/01/11 128 GB Folder
To iPad or Not? Coming Soon System
Trash Today Bin
Build: TK421
ASUS 1201N
Some facts about my new Hackintosh Air
  Name Date Modified Date Created Size Kind
.DS_Store Yesterday 6 KB Hidden
Default User Tigerulze Newbie
Applications Yesterday Mac + Freeware
Developer 12/09/10 Hackintosh
Memory 12/09/10 2 GB RAM
System 12/09/10 MacOS 10.6.4
Wireless 03/10/10 Asus N10 Adaptor
Disk Space: 250 GB
Audio CD - Title of Album

Title of Album
  Track Song Name Length
01 Track One 3:50
02 Track Two 3:50
03 Track Three 4:02
04 Track Four 3:47
05 Track Five 4:38
06 Track Six 3:16
07 Track Seven 3:53
08 Track Eight 1:41
09 Track Nine 3:40
10 Track Ten 4:33
11 Track Eleven 3:49
12 Track Twelve 1:11
13 Track Thirteen 6:17
Genre: Rock/Rap
OSx86 Websites
Some sites I have used for this project. Pages open as new windows.
NOTE: the "Rank" just indicates how useful I personally found that site, for my MSi Winds and Asus 1201N.
  Name Operating System Version
Tigerulze - Network List My Bookmarks Rank 1
Insanely Mac Community Rank 1
Insanely Wind Community Rank 1
Mosslack's Asus Guide Community Rank 1
Paul's Wind Guide Individual Rank 1
Kexts Repository Group Rank 1
Retail Snow Guide Individual Rank 2
Infinite Mac Group Rank 2
Tony Mac Individual Rank 2
Chameleon Community Rank 1
Meklort's NBI Individual Rank 2
Hackintosh.com Group Rank 1
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