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A Corner of Innocence:
Tex stands on the corner of Cukurcuma and Dalgic, Beyoglu district beyond Galata. Is that old house Fusun's place, or is Tex looking across the street AT the Museum on the opposite corner? Either way, the ambience of this quarter fits completely with Pamuk's book.  
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Another Street Cafe:
One of dozens of streetside cafes in Sultanahmet, where innocent Westerners sit and drink and imagine they are in the Constantinople of old. There are more tourists than Turks in this quarter of the City, but hey, that's cosmopolis.  
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The Book Bazaar:
In a back corner of the Kapali Carsi lies hidden the Book Bazaar, posssibly the oldest continuous book shop in the world. It actually dates from Byzantine times, but started to thrive after printing presses were allowed into the Ottoman Empire in 1729.  
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Fusun's Family Home:
I'm sure of it, and if not it should be. The house on the opposite corner has been renovated and painted red, and is closed up with security cameras. Maybe that's the official Museum, but this one is full of innocence.  
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The Sea

A Sea Down Every Street:
Every account of Istanbul comments on the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn and Marmara. Down almost every hill and side street you glimpse the sea and its ships.  
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Wooden Ottoman Houses:
According to Pamuk, Istanbul was a wooden city until the last Century, and during his childhood the last of it burnt down. You can still see the remnants of that timber Ottoman city, such as these innocent houses near the Theodosian wall at Blachernae.  
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The Book

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