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a net of ideas and opinion, connecting utopia with rage,
image with text and history with justice. Read more here.

text, words & discourse

What is truth? Where is it located? It is mainly with words that we
describe the world and our very existence, but what can words say?
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look & see

Seeing is believing, yeah - or is it the other way round? Maybe we see what we want to see,
or what we think we should. Errol Morris believes we make assumptions about images that
can direct us away from the truth. For more go to Just Looking

society\ justice

Crisp autumn mornings or balmy summer afternoons are one thing, but the human construction
of "society" can be unfair and cruel and bizarre. So we yearn for a better world. Despite
cynicism and defeat most of us do believe in something approaching utopia, so make
a coffee and peruse Ranting & Levelling for the overview.

the way we were

I'm not the man I used to be and never have been. In Retrospect we tease this idea out a bit.


Not all who wander are lost said Tolkien, advising us how to recognise "the Strider."
Wandelaars are curious and a little restless, but never lonely because the whole wild world is our home.


just holy ranting

Are we so stupid we have to be ruled by others? Ranterulze
suggests self-management as a better alternative.

all of us

Together now and down all the generations since we were young
- Tigerlandz keeps a record

selected imagery

Never rains but it pours - more at aerterna